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J B Howard Supermoon.jpg

Supermoon - acrylic on canvas - Sold



Jeanette (Jin) Badham Howard is the current Vice President of RICARTS.  She studied art at the University of Southern Queensland, and has explored various creative media, from painting and photography to writing.  She published a children’s novel, “The Realm of Crystalia”.

In her professional work as a marketing manager she designed publicity materials and organised marketing events, including the Bay Island Arts and Crafts Expo, and the opening of the Victoria Point Cineplex with the local premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End. Jin is also a qualified make-up artist.  But her focus has always been and remains on painting.

J B Howard Novel The Realm of Crystalia.

The Realm of Crystalia 
by J. Badham Howard

J B Howard, Uluru.jpg

Uluru - acrylic on canvas - Sold

J B Howard Hawaii Beach Acrylic.jpg

Hawaiian Beach - Acrylic on Canvas - For Sale

J B Howard USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Ha

Pearl Harbour - Acrylic on Canvas - NFS


I like my art to express the beauty of nature and to depict the colourful world we live in. 

I have a passion for all things artistic, and enjoy creative challenges. Ever since my mum offered me a canvas and the use of her paints to create my first painting I haven’t looked back.  I work in acrylic, pastel, oil and pencil.  My work has been described as a little eclectic. I enjoy adding metallic accents and glitter to my works to enhance certain features and make them pop. I love watching the play of light as you move around the painting and view it from different angles.  


One of the things I especially enjoy is face painting for children.  

The moment when a child looks in the mirror and sees themselves depicted as a butterfly or monster and their eyes light up is truly unforgettable.

Under the Jetty - Acrylic on Canvas - For Sale

J B Howard Blue Wave Oil.JPG

Blue Wave - Oil on Canvas - For Sale

Jin Badham Howard Art
Jin Badham Howard Art

Purple Sunset - Mixed Media - For Sale

Purple Abstract - Mixed Media - For Sale

Jin Badham Howard Art

Pearl Harbour - Mixed Media - Commission

Sydneyland - Mixed Media - For Sale

Jin Badham Howard Art

Macaw - Pastel - For Sale

Jin Badham Howard Art

Riverfire - Mixed Media - For Sale

Jin Badham Howard

Waterfall- acrylic on canvas -

For Sale

Jin Badham Howard Art

Utopia - Wax - Sold

Jin Badham Howard Art

Sunrise Through Shadows - Mixed Media - For Sale

Jin Badham Howard Art

Yellow Boat Series 7- Acrylic on Canvas - For Sale

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