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Mandy with her recent entries in the Monochrome Exhibition



Sharon came to Russell Island just over a year ago, where she has been happily renting, while her personally designed home is being built.


Her daughter regularly visits and supports her on Russell island from the mainland, as well she also has a much loved and loyal companion called Hollie ( a border collie ), who can be seen walking beside Sharon’s burgundy scooter as they both explore the island.


Sharon encouraged her children and the children in her care through childcare to explore the Arts and respect nature, she adopts the same values in her everyday life.Her daughter, Alicia, is often seen accompanying her to some of the art classes that she takes at RICArts Center on the Kennedy Farm.


Sharon has explored a variety of techniques and mediums, but has found a deep passion for working in clay.


While she has developed some beautiful free form designs, she has also created some outstanding mosaic and tile work in both clay and glass.


Sharon is mostly self taught, with a couple of short courses that helped direct her passion. I am sure her dedication and good eye will result in many hours of pleasure, as well as producing some exciting works yet to be seen from her new studio.

Tim - Commission - Acrylic on Canvas

The Grey Lady - $490 - Acrylic on Canvas


The Old Man of the Sea - Sold - Peoples Choice Prize - MIAC Monochrome Challenge 2019 - Acrylic on Canvas

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