Janice Maxwell is the current president of RICArts.  As many other artists, she draws her inspiration from her love and respect for nature and all the creatures in it. She is particularly inspired by the colours, shapes, textures and the rhythm of Australian and African environments.

Janice has studied visual arts for 2 years at Southbank Tafe, which included ceramics, wheel throwing, hand building, kiln making, Art history, Life Drawing and Painting.  She studied under a noted teacher and enjoyed sculpturing for 8 years during this period.

She also enjoys the influence of the Renaissance period in the Art world, and some of the classical, and modern sculptors and painters of their periods, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Henry Moore, and many others.

Janice plays a significant role in promoting and mentoring the Arts to an enthusiastic audience within RICArts, and continues to induct new members that are made to feel welcome, as part of this creative art group.

Egyptian Sphinx

Japanese Princess

African Mother and Child

Chinese Warrior

Chief Sitting Bull

Greek in Repose

African Woman Seated

Henry Moore

Thai Woman in Doorway


African Woman Running

Greek Epicurus

Beach Beauty

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