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Canaipa Point, watercolour
Kookaburras, wtercolour

I loved to draw even as a child, but not thinking I was very good, I didn't pursue it in school.  So it wasn’t until 9 years ago that a friend of mine suggested we go to Southport Art School as she had always wanted to learn to draw.  She lasted a couple of weeks, me a couple of years.  I was smitten. 

Seagull, oil
Seagulls, oil



People often say ‘Oh I can’t even draw a stick figure’.  I believe everyone has the ability to create.  It has just been squashed as we grew into adulthood.  If you have the desire, determination, instruction and time then you too could enjoy the satisfaction of creating art.

Walk in the Park, oil

Five years ago, we moved to Russell Island and the first thing I noticed on the notice board was a sign for RICArts, offering a pastel workshop with Maxine Thompson.  Well I have never looked back.

It’s an artist’s heaven here on the islands.  Besides being surrounded with very paintable views, we have lots of artists to share ideas and to paint along with.

Rangitoto, pastel
Gold Coast beach, oil

Walk in the Park - oil

Canaipa Point - watercolour - sold

Seagull - oil

Seagulls - oil

Gold Coast beach - oil

Kookaburras - watercolour

Rangitoto - pastel

I started off in acrylics, moved on to oils and then pastels.  I am currently trying to conquer the very difficult art of watercolour.

I am very lucky to have such a supportive husband, who encourages me and never complains about the amount of money and time spent immersed in my passion.

Twin Rivers, pastel
IMG_7528 (1).jpg

Siobhan Demeester at the

Darcy Doyle Awards Exhibition

Twin Rivers - pastel

Sunset at Rocky Point, oil

Sunset at Rocky Point - oil - commission

The Jump, acrylic
 Misty Morning, pastel

Misty Morning - pastel - sold

The Yellow Road Ahead, oil
Grandson, portrait, oil

Grandson - portrait, oil - NFS

The Jump - acrylic - sold

Lake on the Kaimai Ranges, NZ, oil

Lake on the Kaimai Ranges - oil

Sandy Beach, oil

 - Sandy Beach - oil - sold

The Yellow Road Ahead - oil - sold at the US charity auction for saving the rhinos

Boats in Redland Bay, watercolour

Boats in Redland Bay - watercolour

Wildflowers, acrylic on board
Nowhere to Sit, acrylic

Nowhere to Sit - acrylic -
RICArts Smell the Coffee Competition entry

Okura, acrylic

Okura - acrylic - sold

Wildflowers - acrylic on board - sold

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